Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Joel and Marie

Joel was sitting in Marie's office waiting for her.  He knew he was in trouble (he often was) and he knew that his long friendship with his boss Marie would not count for much when it came to his getting punished.

In fact, their long relationship left her free to be very severe with him and not cause any lasting problems.  She stormed into her office, "You really fucked up this time, ass hole."  She swept around behind her desk and leaned on it looking down on Joel as he sat in front of it.

He just looked back at her, knowing better than to play dumb and ask what he'd done.  She was only a year older than him, but had more drive and ambition and strength of character.  She had built her company into a solid business enterprise mostly on her own.

Joel had always followed Marie, since the first day they met on their aunt's (his) and uncle's (hers) farm.  He'd realized right away that his life would be forever changed by her.  She came on strong and tough and the younger teen fell into step, did her bidding and accepted her abuse and punishment.

It was still that way years later.  "You are going to get it, shit for brains, and get it good.  I'm through warning you."  Marie went to the closet in the corner of her office.  She opened the door and took down something that was hanging on the back of it.

When she stepped away from the door, Joel saw that it was a cane in her hand, not the kind that the infirm used, but the kind that school masters used on recalcitrant students.

Marie slashed it trough the air several times.  "This is going to hurt."  She liked to tell him that; make sure that he knew it.  She looked at him openly, inviting comment or complaint.

Joel was not just going to take it.  "Marie, that's not necessary.  It's not called for.  You don't have to do that."  He knew his arguments were weak.

"Bull shit, cock sucker.  You fucked up royally and you're going to be punished royally."  She pointed the cane at a table off to one side in her office.  "Over there, ass wipe, pants down and bend over."

"Marie."  Joel tried again, in a weak voice.

"Don't whine, Joel.  You know I hate that.  Didn't I teach you that back on the farm?"

"Fuck you, Marie.  I'm not going to take it."  Joel stood up.

Marie laughed, "Oh, Joel.  You know better than to defy me, too.  How many times did I make you cry when you tried that when we were young?"

"Still, fuck you, Marie."  Joel snarled, but went to the table as Marie had told him.  He bent over leaning on the surface.

"Pants down."  Marie said firmly, glaring at her long time protege.

Joel stood up, turned to face her and savagely undid his pants and thrust them down.  He pushed his boxers down, too, and waved his weenie at his boss.

"I'll cane that, too,"  she threatened.

Joel put his penis down and turned around.  He wiggled his ass at Marie.

"Yeah, you do have a real cute bum, Joel.  I've always said that, haven't I?  Haven't I beaten it enough over the years?  Done everything else to it, too.  Now, bend the fuck over."

Joel settled down and bent over, leaning his elbows on the table.  He took a breath and wished her were some where else.

Marie took her place beside him, tapping the cane on his rump to get her distance.  "Count them."  She ordered and raised the cane high and twisted her upper body to increase the leverage.

She paused only a second before she brought the cane down as hard as she could on Joel's bare ass.  The errant man gasped and jerked his body forward against the table.  "Fuck, Marie."  He muttered.

"It only counts if you count it, Joel."  She reminded him.

He sighed, "One, fuck you, bitch."

She slashed the cane again, just as hard.  "Aaaah, two, cunt."

Marie put her all into it, her substantial weight and strength.  She grunted with the effort.  Joel jumped and gasped and sighed as each stroke fell.  After six, he stood up, "Bend over until I tell you, butt fucker."

"How many, Marie?"  he asked plaintively.

"Two dozen,"  she replied firmly.

"No, not that many, please."

"Fuck you, Joel.  You'll get more if you don't count.  I won't remind you again."  She passed behind him and took her stance to his right, to keep things even on his cheeks.

He had six red marks across his pale pudgy bottom.  He was breathing hard from the pain, the frustration, and his growing anger.  He knew he had to take it.  There was just no alternative.  There never was with Marie.  It was like she owned him, the power she always had over him, the way he depended on her.

"Sevvvveennn,"  Joel muttered, blinking, gritting his teeth.  "Eight."  He drew the word out in anguish.

There was a knock at the door and it opened, "Marie,"  her assistant, Roberta started, "Oh, I'm sorry.  I didn't know you were busy."  She muffled a laugh, "Hi, Joel."

The bare and striped assed man didn't look back.  "Hi, Roberta.  Like you didn't hear what was going on, or you probably even knew before hand any way.  Get a good look and get the hell out."

"There's no need to talk to me like that, Joel."  Roberta said firmly to him.  "Can I hit him a couple times for that, Marie?"

"No, Roberta.  I'll do the hitting."

"Can I stay and watch?"

"Just for the next four.  Then I'll finish in private."

"Marie."  Joel complained.  He looked back and saw Roberta grinning.

She approached him and fingered his bum as she counted the red marks.  "Eight so far.  He was really a bad boy, huh.  Four makes twelve, and then, after I leave...Wow, you're really getting it good, Joel." Her tone showed that she was amused, taking it much lighter than Joel was.  She patted his ass.

When Roberta stepped back, Marie wound up again and let fly.  Joel, gasped and just managed to not make any other sound.  Marie gave him  a few seconds to count, but didn't remind him.  She hit his ass again.

Joel hissed and breathed hard.  He remembered that he was supposed to count.  He fought to remember how many it was.  He said, "Ten."

"Uh, no, Joel."  Marie told him.  "The last number that you said was eight, so that was nine, not ten."

"But I didn't say nine.  I forgot."

Robert muffled her giggle.  Joel lashed out at her, "It's Roberta's fault, fucking bitch."

"Hummphhh, Joel.  Fuck you, too, ass hole."  Roberta feigned indignation.  "Let me hit him a couple, Marie, please."

"No, I do the hitting here."  Marie averred.  She gave Joel three more, which he counted and she stopped after the twelfth.

"What was it you wanted, Roberta?"  Marie asked her assistant.

"Oh, I forgot.  Do I have to leave?"

"Yes, dear, go, now."  She ushered the woman from the room.

Joel had stood up and was facing Marie.  She saw that his cock was bigger and stiffer than it was before she'd started hitting him.  The man was a pain slut.  It aroused him almost every time.

He looked at her pleadingly.  She shook her head.  "You're getting it all, babe.  Turn around and bend.  I'll do these faster.  You won't have to count."

Joel resumed his place and Marie took hers.  She wound up and let him have it, fast and furiously.  That pace made the pain almost unendurable.  Joel, raised up on his tiptoes and reached for the other side of the table.  He held on and squealed aloud.  He couldn't help it.

Marie had hit him more than six, but didn't care.  She went to the other side and did the same.  When she'd finished, Joel was panting, sweating and tears ran down his cheeks.  He was hiccuping, barely avoiding sobs.  His nose ran and he sniffled.

Marie put the cane down and put her hands on Joel's shoulders.  She turned him to face her.  She shook her head, sadly, "Oh, baby, when are you going to learn?  How many times have I had to do this?"

"Yeah, like you don't enjoy it."  Joel sneered at her.  Marie gave him a stern look and he shook his head and looked down, "I don't know.  I'm sorry, Marie.  I can't help it."  His cock was sticking straight out, poking Marie's ample belly.  Neither paid much attention to it.  They'd been there and done that often enough.  Both had moved on for the most part, seldom sleeping together any more.

Joel sniffled and used his sleeve to wipe his nose and eyes.

Marie looked tenderly on him.  She did love him.  She cared a lot for the man.  They had been through a lot together and had done a lot together.  "I'll get Roberta to tend to you, okay?"

Joel knew he looked like shit, teary and sniffling, sweaty and all, but Roberta had seen him in similar condition before and she would take care of him in every way.

Marie went to her door and opened it.  Roberta nearly fell into the room.  She'd been leaning on the door listening.  Marie was not surprised.  Roberta offered no explanation.  She went to Joel.  "You poor baby.  Let me take care of you."  She put her arms around him, heedless of his cock poking her and getting pre cum on her skirt.

She kissed away his tears and had a tissue from some place and had him blow his nose into it.  "Turn around, sweetie, let me see."  She turned Joel around and bent down to peer at his ass.  "Just a little blood this time.  Let me get the ointment."

Joel sighed, knowing that before the ointment would be the alcohol to clean it and that would really hurt.

Roberta cleaned Joel's ass, ignoring his near screams at the use of the alcohol.  Then she put the ointment on his wounds.  It was slippery and she had put enough on her fingers to provide lubrication as she inserted first one, then a second into his ass hole, knowing he liked this.

Joel had expected this and took it in stride, wincing just a little at the intrusion.  Roberta worked the fingers in, fucking him smoothing and quickly.  Both of them got excited by that and Joel was really hard when Roberta went down on her knees in front of him.  She taken her fingers out of his bum while moving, and then reached between his legs to reinsert them.

She used her other hand on his hard cock and took it in her mouth and sealed her lips over it.  She rolled her tongue around it and pushed her head forward until his glans was in her throat.  She kept him that way until she had to breathe.  Then she worked her head back and forward until he could no longer hold back.

He shot into her mouth, against her throat.  Roberta managed a smile around his cock in her mouth.  She took his seed in and down her throat, breathing only when he'd finished.

Marie, who had been watching as she worked, said, "Roberta, you almost make me wish that I had a cock that you could suck."

Roberta grinned at her boss, "Don't I do you okay as you are, Marie?"

"Oh, yeah, you eat pussy wonderfully, Roberta.  It's just when I see you do that and the look on his face..."

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