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Boarding House Rules

from Boys Boarding School
Mrs. Henley showed me the room and the house in general.  "Rent is due every week on Saturdays; don't be late.  I run a strict house.  Obey the rules and we'll get along fine."

I paid her for the rest of the week and put my bag down in my room.  She left me, "Supper is at six.  Don't be late."  I got undressed and went across the hall to the bathroom.  I wanted to shower badly.  The bus was not very clean and some of the people on it less so.  I wanted to get that experience off me.  I closed the door to the bathroom and found that it did not latch; it just swung open a couple inches and stayed there.

She had said that privacy was not a priority.  I would share the bathroom with the other boarders, one man and two women.  There were two toilets, two sinks, one bath tub and a shower stall.  I wondered if I would be sharing with just the other man or with the women as well.  This thought proved a bit exciting and while washing my penis, I got rather enthusiastic.  Okay, I was beating off.

The noise of the shower must have hidden her footsteps or she was just very quiet.  I'd had my eyes closed in fantasy, but just felt another presence.  I opened my eyes and there she was, Mrs. Henley, looking at me with her hands on her hips and her foot tapping.  Oh, shit.  I heart jumped into my throat and I stopped what I was doing and was so embarrassed.  "That is against the rules, Mr. Davis.  You must ask permission to masturbate in the shower.  I'm going to have to spank you."

I wasn't sure that I heard her correctly, I had to ask permission to masturbate in the shower?  I was about to question her statement, but she spoke again.  "Hand me the brush, please."  She pointed to the long handled wooden back brush.  Dumbly, I just obeyed and handed it to her.  She took it from me after opening the center sliding door.

"Face the wall and put your hands on it.  Bend over; push your bottom back."  she instructed.  I hesitated, looking confused.  She raised her voice.  "Do it, now, Mr. Davis.  I do not like to repeat myself."  Startled by her tone, I did it.  CRACK.  Before I new it, the brush had slammed into my wet jutting ass.

"Ow, fuck."  I yelled and stood up, grabbing my bum.  I looked over my shoulder at her.

"I'm not done.  I will tell you when to stand up."  She said, glaring at me.  "Bend over."

Gulp, I did what she said.  CRACK.  My ass stung from the stroke.  CRACK,  CRACK.  Fuck, why was I just taking this?  CRACK, CRACK.  I danced around but stayed generally bent over.  I didn't count the hits, but my ass was burning when she stopped.

"Some people have to learn the hard way,"  She commented, handed the brush back and left the room.  I glanced across the room over my shoulder and noticed  in the mirror how red my ass was.  I felt it and it was really hot.  Wow, I thought to myself, what kind of place is this?  I didn't mind corporal punishment; in fact, I sometimes practiced it as foreplay or even just self spanking for the excitement.

I finished my shower, not bothering to try beating off again, the moment had passed.  I got dressed and went out to run some errands.  Mrs. Henley saw me about to leave, "Remember, Mr. Davis, supper at six; be on time."

"Yes, ma'am, I will be."

"Welcome to my home.  I'm happy to have you here."  she told me, smiling.  That surprised me.  She spanked me sternly and now welcomed me smiling.

"Thank you,"  I forced a smile in return.  I was still smarting from her hitting my ass, both the physical pain and the embarrassment and her presumptuousness that she could just do that to me.  Let alone the fact that she just walked into the bathroom and saw me naked.  I shrugged and told myself, well, wait and see how things develop.

I got back to the house in time for dinner, in fact about fifteen minutes early.  The other boarders were already there, helping to set the table and put out the meal.  Mrs. Henley introduced them, "Mr. Davis, this is Ms. Connors, Ms. Speer, and Mr. Kant."  I shook hands and they smiled at me and welcomed me.

Ms. Connors was tall and slender.  She had long straight dark brown hair, a narrow face with a long pointy noise.  Her eyes were set close together and she had buck teeth in a small mouth and a weak chin.

Ms. Speer was shorter and chunky.  She had curly red hair and freckles on a round face, with a nice smile.

Mr. Kant was slender and fair haired.  He was about my height with a pretty almost feminine face.

We sat around the table and passed the dishes, helping ourselves.  Mrs. Henley told them, "I had to spank Mr. Davis today.  He was masturbating in the shower without permission."

I could not believe that she told them.  I blushed deeply.  "Bet your bum's as red as your face is now."  Ms. Connors said.  "Let us see it."

I looked at her surprised, shocked almost.  She looked sincere.  I looked at Ms. Speer whose expression was expectant.  Mr. Kant smiled and raised his eye brows also expectantly.

"Go ahead, Mr. Davis, no secrets here."  Mrs. Henley said.

I could not believe it, but I told my self, what the fuck, and stood up, turned around and dropped my trousers and boxers.

"Oo, boxers, nice touch."  Ms. Connors commented, and then to the other man present, "See, cunt, boxers, let 'em hang.  That's the way to do it."  I swore her pronunciation of his last name was the same as the vulgar term of vagina.

Mr. Kant responded, "I like briefs, fuck you."  I glanced at Mrs. Henley to see her reaction to the language.  She did not react.

Speer and Connors got up and came around the table and felt my ass.  "Still hot, good job, Mrs. H."  Speer said.  They both fondled my ass longer than I thought necessary.

They returned to their side of the table and I pulled up my clothing and sat down again.

Speer announced, "No need to beat off, Davis, I'll blow you anytime you want."

I must have blushed again, shocked.  I glanced at Connors and she nodded, "Me, too."

Mrs. Henley added, "Mr. Kant is disposed that way as well."  I looked at him and he nodded, smiling.  He was gay apparently, or bi sexual, maybe.

Talk turned to other subjects.  Ms. Connors complained about something at work.  The others commiserated with her.  Ms. Speer told about her cousin coming to visit in a couple weeks.  Mr. Kant was quiet, which I found out was his way.

The boarders all helped to clear the table, so I pitched in, too.  Mrs. Henley made tea for everyone and we hung around the kitchen drinking it as she washed the dishes.  The others dried and put things away.  I paid attention to where things went, so that I could do it another time.

Ms. Speer turned the conversation back to me, "Did you finish beating off, Mr. Davis?"

"Uh, no, Ms. Speer, I did not.  Uh, I guess, the moment had passed."

"Blue balls, huh?"  Ms. Connors added.  "Let me blow you."  She offered.

I was flustered and didn't now what to say.  I was even more so when she started undoing my pants.  She knelt in front of me and pulled my trousers down and my boxers.  I looked at the others.  They watched, rather casually, I thought.  I was not casual at all.  Ms. Connors took my penis in hand, "Nicely hung, Davis."  she commented and put her mouth over it.   She sucked and licked and got me hard in no time.

"Don't make a mess, Ms. C."  the landlady warned.  "Keep it in your mouth or on your person."

"Yes, ma'am,"  Connors mumbled from around my cock.

Speer and Kant watched closely, but Mrs. Henley just glanced back every once in a while.  Ms. Connors gave me a fantastic blow job.  She had me shooting real strongly and she took it in her mouth.  Some dripped out, but she caught it on her bosom, careful not to let any fall on the floor.  Her come covered mouth turned up in a big smile as she finished licking me clean.

Mrs. Henley announced, "Wednesday, spanking Jeopardy.  Let's go, kids.  Change your shirt first, Ms. Connors.  Pull up your pants for now, Mr. Davis."

Ms. Speer told me.  "We watch Jeopardy every Wednesday for spanks."

"How does that work?"  I asked her.

"We trade spanks for  wrong answers.  Who ever gets them right gets points; then we bet on final jeopardy.  Mrs. Henley keeps score somehow and we all usually end up with red bums.  It's fun.  Now with you here, maybe we'll do some fucking after.  Cunt's not crazy about fucking girls, except maybe in the ass and we don't let him do it that often.  We eat each other out and sometimes we blow him.  We hold him down and force it on him.  He doesn't fight that hard, though.  He's really weird in what he does and does not do.  He changes his mind a lot, too.  Do you do men?  He'd like that, I'm sure.  I'd like to see it, if you're so inclined.  I think it will be cool to see two men fuck."  Ms. Speer rattled on and on.

We gathered in the parlor in front of the television.  Mrs. Henley had a pen and pad of paper on her lap.  She explained to me.  "Just shout out your answers, Mr. Davis.  You're betting your ass, so I hope you do well today.  Wouldn't want to bruise you too badly your first day here."  She smiled.

The landlady sat in what must have been her chair.  We boarders all crowded onto the couch.  The women put me in between them and Mr. Kant at the end.  I didn't want to show off, so I let the first couple go by even though I knew the answers.  "Better participate, Mr. Davis, you're falling behind.  Your bum is going to hurt."

With that reminder, I decided to join in and the hell with it if I showed off.  I got a lot right, but the others did, too.  I don't know how the landlady kept score, but she scribbled away after each question. She got a lot right, too.  After double jeopardy, Mrs. Henley summarized the scores,  "Mr. Davis, you have fifteen right and six wrong ones.  Ms. Speer, you have eight right and ten wrong.  Ms. Connors, you have the same as Ms. Speer.  Mr. Kant, you sucked tonight.  Only three right and a lot wrong, I lost count.

"Now, bet for final jeopardy.  Mr. Davis, you can bet up to twenty."

We each told her how much we bet and she wrote it down.  I bet ten, not knowing what I was doing.  The final jeopardy answer came and I and Mrs. Henley were the only ones to get the correct question.  She did the math and announced the penalties to be paid by whom and who would deliver them.  I have no idea how she came to her conclusions.  When I asked the others later, they didn't either, but they never questioned her.  It seemed fair to them; they accepted her decision.  She, too, took her hits.

"You will go first, Mr. Davis, bare bum, please."  Mrs. Henley said to me.  I didn't question it.  This was some crazy house, but it seemed like it might be fun.

Ms. Connors spoke up, "Let's all go naked.  Let's party.'  She jumped up and started undressing.  Ms. Speer joined her and, more slowly, so did Mr. Kant.  Even Mrs. Henley put down her pad and pen and undressed.

Ms. Connors, Con as she was to become to me, was tall and slender.  She was out of shape, though.  Her breasts hung down, her belly had a couple rolls and a stuck out right above her pubic hair which was trimmed in a small triangle.  Her thighs shook and her ass drooped and wobbled a lot.

Ms. Speer, Spee, though heavier was in better shape.  Her breasts were good size and firmly stayed on her chest.  he abdomen, though thick, was firmer than Con's.  She had a full red bush and her thick thighs were firm.  He bum was big and round, but stayed high on her.  It rolled and bounced as she walked.

Mr. Kant, Cunt, was slender and fair.  Any hair on his body was so light that it was almost invisible.  He too was out of shape and had a bit of a belly.  His thighs were firm, though and his ass was nice and round, a bubble butt.  His penis did not hang straight down, but stuck out and curved down.  It was about five inches limp and thin.  Mine was about the same length limp, but thicker and hung straight down and my balls hung and swung in my scrotum.  His balls were contained tightly in his scrotum, probably from wearing briefs.

Mrs. Henley was middled aged and dumpy.  She was not self conscious, though.  Her big tits hung down on her prominent belly.  Her loose thighs shook and wobbled.  She had rolls on her back and sides.  Her ass was wider at the top than where it met her thighs.  It was very loose and wobbly.

I was getting stiff amongst all this nudity.  They all noticed and seemed appreciative.  Mrs. Henley took charge and told every one what to do.  She got a paddle off the bookcase and handed it to Con.  "Bend over, Mr. Davis and grab your ankles."  I did and Con took her place.  She hit me three times, hard.  I took them as stoically as I could.  They hurt on their own and added to my already aching ass.

"You give him two, Ms. Speer."  Spe felt my ass first and then hit it twice, also hard.  I stood up afterward and rubbed myself.  Con took a good look at my cock, which was getting stiffer.  She'd already sucked it once, but looked eager for more.

"I owe you four."  Mrs. H. told me.  She hit hard and fast and had me gasping.  She turned me toward her after ward and fondled my cock.  Spanking stimulates you, I see."

"Yes, ma'am.  I guess so."

She went next.  Con gave her three and Spe, two.  I owed her four, same as she gave me.  The women had hit her hard, but she took it well.  I wasn't sure how hard to hit.  Con came by me and said, "Hit her hard, Dave, hard as you can."

The older woman's ass was already red.  I didn't want to be too rough on her, but I didn't want to be a wimp either.  I swung hard and hit her solidly.  CRACK.  Her ass flattened out and then wobbled back into place.  She didn't react.  I hit her again, harder.  Same reaction, none.  I hit her twice more, enjoying the show her ass put on wobbling so much, and I liked the color it was becoming, darker than mine from the afternoon's spanking in the shower.

Cunt was up next.  He fared worst and got the most swats, four each from Con and Spe and five from me and Mrs. Henley.  I was obviously reluctant to hit another man.  The women all encouraged me, cajoling and cheering me on.  I just took a deep breath and did it.  The poor guy's ass was purple.  Everyone had hit him hard.

I thought that was it, but Mrs. Henley announced, "Final jeopardy smacks."  This was a whole other round.  She and I got it right, and we spanked the the other three.  She got a different paddle for this.  It was smaller, but looked harder and had holes in it.  She sat in a straight back chair and took the other three in turn over her lap.  She hit them hard and they reacted more to the smaller paddle.  It must really sting.  They squirmed and kicked and fussed.

All three rubbed their bums pretty hard after ward.  Mrs. Henley stood up and sat me in her place.  The women put themselves over my lap and I spanked them, not as hard as the landlady had.  I showed some mercy, but they still fussed.  Cunt was ready to take his place over my lap.  His penis was stiffer than previously.  Hadn't grown much, but was sticking up above the horizontal.

I wasn't sure that I wanted it on my bare lap, especially as my own cock was standing up, too.  I didn't stop him and he laid down on me.  His hip was against my cock holding it tightly against my belly.  I felt his cock laying on my thighs.

His ass was already purple and had the white haze on his skin that comes with a good paddling.  I decided to show him the same mercy, so I hit hard, but not as hard as I could.  He took it better from me than the women had and better than he had from Mrs. H.

He got up and stood in front of me, his cock sticking in my face and he rubbed his ass.  His dick bounced up and down right in front of me.  "Suck his cock.  Suck his cock."  Con started.  "Suck his cock.  Suck his cock."  Spe took it up and both moved in close for a good look.

I glanced up at Cunt and he looked down at me, challenging me to do it.

Mrs. Henley came over behind me.  She bent down and whispered to me.  "Do it, Mr. Davis.  We will not think less of you.  Show us how big a man you are."

I actually had sucked cock before and wasn't averse to it.  So I reached out and took hold of Cunt's cock.  I leaned toward it and brought it toward me.  I put my mouth over it and rolled my tongue around  it.  I moved my head forward and back.  Cunt thrust easily forward into me and moved gently back.  I got into it and went faster and harder.  The two younger women leaned down and had their faces right by mine.  When Mr. Kant came, I pulled away, but kept stroking.  Con and Spe got their mouths busy, catching some of it and licking and sucking him clean.

"Yay, Dave.  You're the man."  They cheered, making me feel good about it.  "Lick his ass to thank him, Cunt."  They said.  They stood me up, had me kneel on the chair and stick my butt out.  Cunt got down and sure enough, licked my asshole.  He did it really thoroughly.

The younger women turned to Mrs. Henley, "Who gets fucked, Mrs. H?"

She looked at me for just a second.  "I do, ladies, I get him first."  I guess I didn't have a choice.  Mrs. H. sat on the couch with her butt almost off of it.  She spread her legs wide and displayed her wares for me.  I went to her, knelt down and used my mouth first.  I kissed and licked the tops of her thighs and then around her vulva.  I spread her lips and licked her from bottom to top.  I licked her vagina until she dripped and then I put my fingers in and worked them in and out.  I used my other hand to peel back her hood and expose her clitoris.  I licked and sucked it.  She squirmed and clenched and arched her back.  She came loudly and breathlessly.

I took just a moment and then moved up against her.  She grabbed my face and kissed me wetly and deeply and gratefully.  "What a great cunt licker."  Then she reached down and guided my cock into her wet hole.  I pounded her hard and fast.  I just could not help it.  I was excited and with the witnesses, I just had to do it that way.  She clenched on me in orgasm and I came, too, deep inside her. We both had to gasp  to catch our breath.

"Wow, good fucker."  Spe exclaimed.  "I want some of that."

"Me, too."  Con said.

"Me, too,"  Cunt said.

They let me relax a moment before I had to eat the other women out.  I did a good job on both of them, gave them each two orgasms.  Cunt offered me his ass, and I thought, what the hell, I fucked him in the ass.

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