Saturday, November 28, 2015

Miss Adams 8 - Will 1

Her next targeted recruit was Will and he reported for detention the middle of the next week. Will was a quiet boy, easy going, kept to himself and seemed to be bright. Miss Adams thought that he would catch on quickly, so she decided not to beat around the bush with him. When they went back to the office, she closed the door and said to him, "Let's make this more interesting.  I think you should lower your trousers.  He glanced at her, nodded and lowered his trousers. Then he took his position and bent over.

Miss Adams looked at his bottom which was clad in regular white briefs. It was narrow but round and had a bounce when he moved.  She stepped up to him, patted his ass, then grabbed the bottoms of his briefs and pulled them up over his butt and into the crack. She used her hand to give him a couple smacks on his now bare bum. She liked the way it flattened on impact and bounced sprang back into place. Will didn’t show any reaction.

The teacher picked up the paddle, took her position and laid the paddle against his rear to measure the distance. She told him that it would be four stokes and that she wanted him to count them. She pulled the paddle back and swung it forward hard. It smashed into his flesh with a loud crack. His ass gave in and then sprang back with a wobble. He said in a clear voice, “One.” Miss Adams smiled at the way he was cooperating. It was what she expected. Again, the paddle smashed into his flesh. “Two” The third stroke caused him to gasp before uttering, “Three” The fourth brought him a few inches up from his position and he said “Four” through clenched teeth. Miss Adams told him that he could stand up. He stood rubbing is bottom and Miss Adams noticed a bulge in the front of his briefs. She took her time before telling him to pull up his trousers. She liked watching him rub his ass.

She asked Will, "Do you get detention so I will paddle you?"

Will looked at her sharply and blushed, more than anything else had made him do.  He avoided her eyes, but nodded assent.

"I thought so.  All your offenses seemed rather contrived.  What would you say if I told you that you did not have to get detention in order to get paddled?"

The student looked at her with interest.  "I would say that's a good idea.  How can that happen?"

"Oh, we could get together at my place some time.  We would have plenty of privacy and could take our time with it.  What do you think?"  It would have to be just between the two of us."

Will nodded, "I think I would like that.  When could we do it?"

Miss Adams told him, "I'll have to let you know.  Check with me sometime tomorrow."

Will went to Miss Adams classroom right after lunch.  She was alone and invited him to sit down in the chair that she kept right beside her desk for tutoring.  He sat and leaned on the edge of her desk alert to what she would say.  She asked him, "How's your ass feel?"

"It's okay."

"Do you think you can take some more tomorrow night?"  He nodded.  She warned him, "It will be on the bare and I won't go easy on you."

Will told her, "I would not want it any other way."  He smiled shyly."

Miss Adams smiled back at him.  "I have to know that I can trust you.  That you will not say anything to anyone.  I could get into a lot of trouble, lose my job."

"I won't tell anyone.  I don't have anyone to tell.  And I would never want you to get you into any trouble."

"Even if I really whip your ass good, maybe even make you cry.  You could deal with that?  Not get mad at me?"

"Sounds like a real fun Friday evening to me."

The teacher smiled at him, "You can be sassy, can't you?"

"Oh, no, Miss Adams, I would never sass you."  He managed to keep a straight face, but there was a twinkle in his eye.

"You'll be naked in front of me." she told him.  He shrugged his shoulders.  "I might even hit your cock."  Another shrug.  Miss Adams was getting interested in the prospects that might be afforded her with Will.  "I'll want to put a plug up your butt."  Will nodded.  She gave up trying to shock him.  "I'll see you at seven tomorrow night.  Here's my address."  She wrote it down. Will looked at the paper.  "Do you need directions?"

Will shook his head, "You have the number on the house?"

"Yes, on the porch post."

He told her, "I'll find it.  See you then."

Miss Adams watched him walk from her class room and smiled.  She was looking forward to tomorrow evening.  She would wear her black pencil skirt and a white blouse with black stockings and a garter belt.  Her black lacy bra would be visible beneath her blouse and her lacy black panties would feel and look nice when she removed her skirt.  She would have to keep the upper hand, let him know who's boss, put him through some paces.  He would probably like that and handle it well.

Friday dragged on and there was actually one person who got detention.  Miss Adams was not interested in being there and disposed of him pretty quickly.  He was a pain in the ass smart mouth and she really laid into him, hitting his ass as hard as she could, giving him six swats.  He tried to act tough, but she saw him shaking by the time she was finished.  She made him sit in the classroom for the whole hour, while she went over her plans for Will.

She would parade around in her soft domme outfit which is what she called her planned outfit.  She would lead him down the hall to the back parlor swinging her hips and bouncing her buns.  She'd pull her skirt up when she sat down and give him a glimpse up between her legs.  She would take his clothes off instead of telling him to do it.  She'd flirt with him as she did it.  And then she'd turn hard and mean and make him hurt.

She hoped that she would not break him.  She liked his spirit, which she was surprised that he had.  She wanted him to be sassy, but within limits.

Miss Adams had her soft domme outfit on and had laid out her instruments, a paddle, a cane, and a strap.  She decided to carry the riding crop with her when she let him in.  She was glad she did, because he showed up wearing cut offs and a tee shirt.  She started right in on him.  "How dare you show up at my house dressed like that.  Such impudence.  Do you see me wearing cut offs and a tee shirt?  No.  Get those clothes off immediately."

Will was taken aback with the harshness of her voice and manner until he realized that it must be a role that she assumed.  He did what she said, he pulled off his tee shirt, dropped it on the floor.

"Pick that up."  She told him sternly.  "Fold it and put it on that chair.  I will not have clothing thrown on my floor."

Will picked it up and folded it and put it on the chair.  Even though, he thought that the teacher was in a role, she was very convincing.  "Get those 'shorts' off."  She said the word as if it was very distasteful.  "And your shoes and socks."  Will had automatically folded his shorts and put them on the chair and put his shoes and socks neatly under the chair.  He hesitated before lowering his briefs waiting for the instruction, but Miss Adams did not issue it.  Instead, "Follow me."  She turned and did her sexiest walk down the length of the hall.

Will followed her into the parlor.  She stopped in the middle and turned to face him.  She pointed with the crop to a spot right in front of her.  "Stand here."  Will did and looked directly at her.  He was bolder than the others.  The were shyer with her, uncertain of themselves.  Joan and Gail and Patty got over that, but Andrew hadn't.

Miss Adams tried a bold move to wipe the smirk off his face.  She reached out, grabbed his balls and squeezed them, hard.  Yes, that worked.  Will cringed both with his face and body.  She kept her grip while she used the crop to swat at his legs, "Spread your feet."  Will did that to her satisfaction, so she let up on her grip.  She did give his ball sac a light swat as she pulled her hand away.  He felt it and pulled his middle back.

"Bend over and grab your ankles."  The teacher moved around behind the student.  She admired his ass again like she had in the office the other day.  She pulled up the leg bands of his briefs to examine his bottom more closely.  There was only some slight discoloration from the paddling two days ago.  "It looks like I let you off easy the other day.  That will not happen today."  She stepped back from him and swatted the inside of his thighs with the crop, increasing the strength of the strokes steadily, until Will was gasping and fidgeting.

"Stand up straight and put you feet closer together."  Will did what she said.  The teacher reached out and grabbed the waist band of his briefs and yanked them down to his knees.  "Spread your legs and grab your ankles."  Miss Adams went and exchanged the crop for the paddle.  When she turned back she saw Will watching her.  She smiled to herself.  She liked that.

"Ten swats.  Count them."  Miss Adams hit him hard and at an even pace.  Will managed to count each one.  Toward the end he did it through clenched teeth and his legs were shaking a bit.  "Stand up, Will.  Relax."  He stood and rubbed his ass.  Miss Adams went back to the table and exchanged the paddle for the cane.  She went and sat on the couch that faced Will.  He had not moved, but was still rubbing his bottom.  She looked at his penis, which was of a decent size and standing out straight in from of him at a half erection.

The teacher patted the seat of the couch next to her.  "Come and sit beside me, Will."  When he was seated, gingerly on his sore bottom, Miss Adams turned toward him.  "Are you enjoying our time together, Will?"

"Uh, yes.  Yes, I am, Miss Adams."

"Is it what you thought it would be?"

"Yeah, I guess so."

"Do you think you can take some more.  I'd like to use the cane on you and the strap.  I think that would be a nice variety for our first time."

Will projected confidence, "Yes, I can take it."

"Can you take a plug up your ass?"

He hesitated and looked a little uncertain.  He didn't want to look afraid in front of her though, so he nodded.

"Good.  That's what I'll do next.  Wait here."

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