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Miss Adams 7 - Patty and Gail in private

Sunday afternoon, and Patty and Gail were due. Miss Adams considered what she would do with the two of them. She thought that she should have them get undressed first. They seemed comfortable that way with her. What should she wear? She didn’t’ want to be too dressed if they were naked, but she wanted to wear something. She decided to wear a black satin chemise and satin shorts with a sheer bra. Black open toed high heels would finish the look she wanted. She wanted to keep the instruments light looking. She chose a hairbrush, a ping pong paddle, a bath brush, a light strap, a clear lexan paddle, and a thinnish cane. Some of them were definite pain inflictors but they did look light and would not scare any one.

If one was the stronger personality or leader of the two it was Gail, but they seemed to always confer, even silently with looks before they made a decision. Both seemed fun loving and thrill seeking and not very modest or inhibited. Miss Adams was looking forward to this afternoon.

The girls arrived together, of course. They were excited and happy. When they saw Miss Adams and how she was dressed, their eyes went wide and their jaws fell open. “Wow, Miss Adams.” “Gee, Miss Adams.” “You’re beautiful.” “So sexy.”

Miss Adams smiled broadly at their compliments. “Come on in, girls. So nice to see you.”

“Nice to see you, too, Miss Adams.”

The teacher led them back to the parlor. They looked at the house on the way and commented on various things and did the same in the parlor, “Beautiful house, Miss Adams.”

“Thank you, I’m trying to bring it back to the original look.”

Miss Adams sat on the couch. “Kneel down in front of me.” Patty and Gail looked at her without moving. “NOW, please.” At the loud word, they reacted and both fell to their knees in front of her. She smiled at them, “Thank you. Now what should we do today?”

Gail spoke up, “You’re going to paddle us, right?”

“Yes dear, but we have a lot of time. We have complete privacy. I thought we would do more that just a paddling.”

Gail again, “Well, we did talk about, you know, well, uh, making love, uh, didn’t we?”

“Yes we did. I haven’t forgotten that.” Replied the teacher. “Okay, I’ll take charge and decide what to do. I think a little variety might be in order for today. I have a number of different implements for spanking and you may enjoy trying them out.” The girls nodded. “We’ll start out with a warm up. That will be with my hand and then a small instrument or two. Then I’ll give you some time to think about it. We call that corner time. Usually you would stand in a corner, but I don’t have one available, so I’ll come up with something else. Then we’ll move on to larger implements, such as paddle, strap and cane. I’ll give you a good sample of each one. How does that sound?”

Both girls nodded. Patty spoke this time. “Sounds good to me.”

“One other thing I must explain to you now. We will have what is called a safe word. It’s just a simple word, easy to say and easy to remember, and is not usually used in a spanking context. When you say the safe word, you are saying that you cannot take anymore and you want me to quit. I will quit and then we can discuss whether you can’t take any more at all or if perhaps you just need a break or change of instrument. The reason that we have a safe word is that a lot of people who do this like to say “Stop” “No more.” “Please.” Or some such and they don’t really mean it. They want it to continue against their “Protests” because that is part of the excitement for them. I don’t know if that applies to either or both of you. We will see.”

What’s the safe word, Miss Adams?”

“How about apple? It’s easy to say and understand. Easy to remember.

Patty and Gail looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders and nodded, “Yeah, apple sounds good.”

“Ready to start?” Miss Adams asked the two teens. The both nodded. “I want you both to get undressed. You can put your clothing on that table over there.” She indicated a table against the wall. The girls got up from their knees and went over to the table and undressed. No questions, no comments, they did not even exchange looks. They had been without pants and panties the other day in school, so taking their tops off, too did not bother them at all. Gail had a skinny bum and Patty a wider, rounder, heavier one. They were the same height. Gail had small size breasts, nice perky ones that stuck straight out. Patty’s were a little fuller and also stuck straight. Gail’s legs were separated and Patty’s met for half way down her thighs. They both had thin dark pubic hair. Patty’s bum cheeks met in the back. Gail’s bubble buns did not, so she showed everything when she bent over.

Miss Adams joined them at the table to show them the various implements she had put out. She told them that the hairbrush and ping pong paddle were usually over the knee instruments. She said that the bath brush, light strap, lexan paddle, and cane were generally used while standing up and the bottom was over some thing or just bending over.

The girls were naked now, so Miss Adams asked, “Shall we get started?” Patty and Gail nodded. “I’m going to do you together. I want you both to kneel on that chair and to lean over the arm; both of you on the same arm.” She watched the girls hustle to do her bidding, crowding onto the chair and getting into position. It was a big chair and they both did fit side by side on the arm. When they leaned over it they ended up with their hands on the floor and their butts up in the air. Miss Adams liked the arrangement. She started with her hand smacking one cheek after another back and forth, back and forth. Patty started giggling and Gail had to join in. Miss Adams didn’t mind, but put a stop to it anyway with a hard smack on each cheek with the small paddle.

The teens really changed their tune real quick. Gail actually started crying. The teacher went back to using her hand, and the girls settled down. She gave them each a couple dozen with her hand before switching to the hair brush. When that started hitting them, they started howling. It hurt. She only gave them a dozen or so on each cheek with it. Then she gave them each a good butt rub letting her fingers roam into their pussies. They squirmed more from this than the spanking. Miss Adams even leaned over them and put her lips to their sore bottoms and licked at them as well. She asked, “Have you ever licked each other’s assholes?” They didn’t answer right away and she gave them each another swat.

“Yes, Miss Adams, we have.”

“Do you like it?”

“Yes, Miss Adams.”

The teacher wasn’t sure about their answers. “Show me. Gail, I want you to lick Patty’s asshole now.” Gail got out of her position and went to the side of the chair bent over and put her hands on Patty’s cheeks, separated them and went in tongue first. She did a good job at it too. It had Patty humming. Miss Adams had them change places. They worked just as well that way.

“Okay, back to spanking, girls. Now you’ll get the paddle.” She had them back side by side over the arm of the chair. The small paddle was thin and wide so the impact area was larger and spread out. It had a good sting to it and made loud sound with each stroke. The teens were squirming and crying in no time. But the teacher kept it up until their bums were bright red. She let them get up and comfort each other.

When they had settled down, Miss Adams had them stand side my side and she felt their pussies, and as expected they were juicy. Both girls looked at her with mischief and excitement in their eyes. The teacher told them, “Go over to the table, pull out the center drawer and take your pick.” They dashed over to see what their might be waiting for them. Yes, there were vibrators of various sizes and shapes. They sorted through them and each made their choice. They turned and looked at the teacher. She waved them over to the couch to sit on either side of her. She had them lay their heads on her lap and their legs at the ends of the couch. “Go to it, ladies.” She told them. Miss Adams casually played with their tits and put her fingers in their mouths for them to suck. The teens were getting loud in almost no time, jerking and stiffening, raising their hips. Gail came first and kept coming until Patty joined her. The girls collapsed, breathing hard, panting, and sweating. Their teacher let them rest a while.

“Okay, girls, get up.” They got to their feet as did Miss Adams. The older woman lifted her chemise over her head, unfastened her bra, let it fall, and pushed her shorts down and let them fall. The teens looked in wonder at the more mature woman’s body now before them. Miss Adams reached out and took a chin in each hand and guided the face that went with to her own mouth. She tenderly kissed each girl and then whispered to them both, “Now, you do me.” She sat down and spread her legs very wide. Patty and Gail knelt down and moved in on her like it was planned out ahead of time. Each girl started kissing and licking and nibbling at the top of her thighs and moved in to here pussy. They took turns teasing the teacher’s pussy and clit with their tongues. Miss Adams handed them the discarded vibrators and they employed them as well, making the teacher start moaning loudly. Miss Adams clenched and rocked and thrust and the two teens stayed with her licking and sucking harder. She came strongly almost knocking Patty and Gail over. She then took them up on her lap one on each knee and hugged them to her bosom.

“Now, girls, we move onto the real instruments. Which shall it be first? The paddle or the strap or the cane?”

Gail spoke up first, “I want the paddle.”

Patty agreed, “Yes, the paddle.”

“Okay, the paddle it shall be. Now this is a lexan paddle. It doesn’t look like much, but you will find out that it has a real good sting. Who wants it first?”

They hesitated and exchanged looks, trying to encourage the other to go first. Then Patty actually pushed Gail forward. Gail turned on her friend ready to fight. So Miss Adams took over, “I guess Patty is first.” That brought a shocked look to Patty’s face, which both Gail and Miss Adams laughed at.

Patty stood in the middle of the room and bent over, feet apart, hands grabbing her ankles. Miss Adams took her place to the side of her, brought the paddle back and swung it forward really hard. Patty screamed and stood up and grabbed her bum. She danced away still yelling. Gail thought that was pretty funny until she remembered that she would be next. The teacher motioned her into position. She decided to alternate them, and maybe even work herself into the mix. Gail bent over, feet spread, hands on ankles. She took a deep breath and steeled herself for the worst. When the swat came and hurt worse than anything she had ever felt before, she lost it also and let out a scream and started dancing around. Miss Adams smiled at her performance also.

Both teens kept their distance from the teacher, not wanting another one of those swats. Miss Adams coaxed them and cajoled them. Finally, they decided to try another one. She had them bend over beside each other and would do them in quick succession. For once, the teacher did not hit as hard as she could. She went easy on them. The swats still stung a lot and each girl sang out and stood up holding her rump. They managed to get back into position and take one more each, but it left them both sobbing. Miss Adams insisted they take one more and they did bend over, both shaking visibly. The older woman gave them real good ones and the two teens really jumped and danced around and cried hard.

The teacher took her seat on the couch and smiled over their behavior. Patty and Gail eventually calmed down, but still kept their distance from the teacher and cast unhappy looks in her direction. She told them, “You can pout and I’ll send to the corner, or you can come over her and use this paddle on my big bum. Which will it be?

They looked at each other, came to a decision silently and approached the teacher with smiles replacing their frowns. Miss Adams stood up, looked at the two of them, and then held the paddle out between them. Gail grabbed it first. She held it and tested its weight and swing. And she looked pretty confident that she could give the older woman a good spanking with it. The teacher took her place in the middle of the room. She placed her feet wide apart, making her ample ass wiggle and jiggle for the girls to watch. Then she bent over and grabbed her ankles. This gave the girls a good look at her pussy and a peek at her asshole as her cheeks just separated slightly. Patty and Gail enjoyed the view and looked back and forth conspiratorially. Patty moved in behind the teacher and knelt down. She reached out and pushed Miss Adams buns apart. She leaned in and started licking the older woman’s asshole. The older woman moved her hips back and forth a bit to show her gratitude. Patty joined her friend and tasted the teacher as well.

Gail was curious and asked, “Miss Adams, have you ever, you know, back here?”

“I’m not sure that I understand, Gail. What are you asking?”

Patty was bolder this time, “Have you been fucked in the ass?” Gail looked in astonishment at her friend.

“Oh, yes, dear, quite a lot. I like it, and it adds some variety. Have you two ever thought of trying it?”
“Yeah, we have. But we haven’t done it yet.”

Miss Adams stood up, taking a break from the position, “Well, I can help you if you really want to try it.”

The girls exchanged their look and agreed that they wanted to try. “How about after we paddle you?”

“Oh, yes, please do paddle me.” The teacher resumed her position bent over. Gail took a position to the older woman’s left. She put the paddle against Miss Adams bottom and then brought it back. She put it on her bottom again and brought it back and hesitated again, unsure of herself. She glanced at Patty, who nodded her encouragement.

Miss Adams reminded her, “Hard as you can, Gail.” The teen took a deep breath, and she swung hard, maybe not as hard as she could, but still it was hard. The paddle his the teacher’s bum with a real loud CRACK. The impact caused her flesh to flatten out and ripple away from the point of impact, then wiggle back into place. A red mark in the shape of the paddle formed. Miss Adams gritted her teeth emitting only a grunt, a muffled gasp. Gail had amazed herself that she had done it. She prided herself after realizing that she had actually paddled Miss Adams, the Miss Adams of detention infamy. She was so caught up in it, that she was forgetting to continue, so Patty took the paddle from her and took her place to the teacher’s right, as Patty was left handed. She did not gauge the distance. She just wound up and swung away. Another loud CRACK and the teacher’s rump bounced and wiggled and got redder. Miss Adams let out an audible, “ouch, shit,” this time. Patty wound up again and delivered another roundhouse swat. “Oowww, fuuuuck.” The teacher said. This startled Patty and she stepped back.

Gail took the paddle back, and she gave Miss Adams a real hard one. “Yeeeoowwch, fuuckk.” She stood up and rubbed her bug bum causing it to roll around under her hands. Patty and Gail moved in on her, one on either side and they put their hand on the teacher’s bottom and rubbed it. They eyed each other sharing silent signals and reached around with their free hands to play with the older woman’s tits. Miss Adams liked that and she put her hands to use reaching for the teens’ pussies and rubbing her fingers there. After a few moments and a lot of murmuring and some moaning from all three,

The teacher said, “I think two more swats from each of you would be good. That should make me cry. I want to cry. Will you make me cry?”

Gail and Patty looked at each other amazed and questioning. Could they do it? They shrugged. They would try. Miss Adams bent over again. Patty had the paddle. She took her place and delivered two fast and hard swats. Miss Adams yelled and it turned into sobbing. Gail took the paddle and she delivered two hard fast swats. The teacher cried out louder and her shoulders shook with her sobs. She stood up. The teen girls put their arms around her and held her, comforting and consoling. The three naked bodies molded against each other. Three different sizes fit into each other comfortably.
Miss Adams recovered quickly. She gave the girls a tight hug and said, “Let’s do the cane and then we’ll explore your tiny bumholes.” She went to the table and picked up the cane. She swished it through the air to impress the teens. She showed them how to hold it and how to swing it.

“I’ll take my strokes first. Six from each of you. Lay them on hard.” She handed the cane to Patty and the teacher bent over. Patty looked at her red, red bum and wondered about hitting it again. “Do it, Patty, all six quickly.” Miss Adams called between her legs. So Patty did it. She swung the cane hard and hit the teacher’s ass with force. Miss Adams did not really react. This encouraged Patty and she swung again, then again and again and then her final two. Miss Adams held her cries in, muffled behind clenched teeth. Patty handed the cane to Gail. Gail paused for a moment, but without a sign from the teacher, she went ahead and delivered her six strokes to the now striped bum of the older woman, who stood up after the last and quaked with her sobs now coming out louder. Again the teens moved in to console the teacher.

This time as she put her arms around them, Miss Adams felt their hot little bums and then worked a finger in between the cheeks to poke at their assholes. They both squirmed at this touch and only had some sweat as lubricant, so the teacher did not force her fingers. Rather she just teased the teens a bit. Patty and Gail put their hands on the teacher’s hot butt and rubbed it for her. When Miss Adams regained her breath, she told the girls, “I think what we’ll do is use butt plugs first. How does that sound?”

“Okay, I guess.” The girls were not real sure about it. They had never done it before.

The older woman reassured them, “It’ll be good. You’ll see.” The teacher went over to the closet in the corner, selected three butt plugs and a tube of lubricant. She handed each girl a butt plug, keeping a larger one for herself. With some lubricant spread on it, she bent over and stuck her butt out and told the girls to watch. Patty and Gail were fascinated and watched closely. Miss Adams placed the plug at her opening and pushed gently. “The tip goes in easily, but it gets a little tighter as the plug gets wider. There may be a little pain as the sphincter is stretched, but it is only momentary. When you get past the widest part, it just pops right in. The sphincter closes over the narrow neck and it stays in place.” She was inserting it as she described the action. “Now, you two do it. Or do you want me to help you?”

Patty said that she wanted help. Miss Adams lubricated the plug and Patty took her position. Gail watched again. The teacher positioned it and began to push. “Patty, try and relax. Actually, if you exert a little like you do to get a turd out that helps. Patty did it between giggles and it slipped in with only a little hurt.

Now it was Gail’s turn. She put the lubrication on and stuck her little bum out and did as she had seen Miss Adams do. She grimaced when it hurt but got it in just right. Both teens stood up straight and swished their hips back and forth.

Miss Adams picked up the cane and the two girls’ faces sank. They both reached back and held their buns. “Do you know what the diaper position is?” They shook their heads. “You’re going to find out right now. See that leather bench against the wall? It’s called a hassock. Bring it to where you are now standing.” The teens did as they were told. “Patty, you will be first. Lay down on your back and lift your legs straight up.” Patty laid down, but had trouble getting her legs straight up. “Gail, help her and hold them up. This is the diaper position because it’s the position of a baby when it’s being diapered. It allows the bottom, which is you, Patty to see the stroke coming. Isn’t that a good idea?” Patty looked kind of doubtful. Miss Adams took her position, put the cane on Patty’s bottom and brought it back. Patty watched fearfully, cringing.

The teacher was tempted to tease the girl by stopping and talking some more, but decided that would be better at another time. She swung hard. She did not believe in going easy on any one. Patty screamed but could not move away or squirm. Gail looked fearful now as well. The second stroke fell and another scream from Patty. Miss Adams stepped forward and examined the teen’s bottom. She ran her finger along the two stripes that were now across her bum. Gail watched closely and made a face at the stripes, knowing she would soon have her own. Patty had tears in her eyes and was ready to burst out crying any moment. Miss Adams gave her a third one and that did bring the sobs and sniffles. The teacher straddled Patty’s head and motioned Gail to spread Patty’s legs. The older woman bent over and put her lips on the teen’s pussy. She licked gently, not wanting to get her too stirred up quite yet.

Patty stopped her sobbing and wiped her sniffles away with her hand. She raised her head and reached with her tongue for Miss Adams’ pussy. The teacher lowered herself so Patty could reach her. The older woman broke off and moved away, leaving them both wanting more. She took position on the other side of Patty this time. Gail switched sides as well. Miss Adams gave Patty her last three strokes in rapid succession. Patty gave one long scream which ended in heavy sobs and lots of tears. The teacher pulled her up and hugged her closely. The teen cried on her shoulder. Gail stood behind Miss Adams and caressed her friend’s hair and face and kissed her tears away. Gail pressed her body tightly against the older woman’s back, enjoying its softness and the heat from Miss Adams, bottom.
Once Patty settled down, they put Gail in the diaper position. The butt plug base stuck out beyond her little bum, so Miss Adams took it out for the caning. She told Patty to watch the gape, the wide open sphincter before it closed. They looked into Gail’s rectum. Patty thought that was pretty cool. Getting down to business, the caning began. Gail held up pretty well with teeth and eyes clenched tightly closed and her hands gripping the hassock. She cried softly until her teacher caressed her cheek and then she let loose with the sobs. Miss Adams straddled her and they both licked pussy for a few moments.

Again, the teacher stopped when they were both still wanting. Then she finished off the caning quickly. She reinserted the butt plug before she raised the girl to her feet. After some consoling, Miss Adams ordered them to the wall. She placed them side by side standing up straight with their hands behind their heads. She stood back but found it hard to keep her hands off them. They were just so cute standing there with their bums so red and striped. They were shaking slightly and that made their bottoms jiggle just a bit.

Miss Adams sat on her own very sore bum on the couch and just watched them. She wanted very badly to eat each of them out. That meant one would have to wait. So be it. She’d pull the butt plugs out first and make sure they wiped themselves. She went over to them, “Back up, ladies. That’s good. Bend way over. I’m going to pull the plugs.” She did them both at the same time. They each grunted as it stretched their holes, then they sighed as it eased out. “Are you okay? Do you have to go? Sometimes people do.”

“No, we’re okay. I’d like to wipe though.”

“This way.” She led them across the hall to the bathroom. “Pull mine out.” She bent over and stuck her butt out. Both girls wanted to do it. They each had a hand on it. When it came away they saw her gape. “Ooo, that’s cool.” They all wiped themselves, checked the tissue to make sure it was clean after the last wipe. Then flushed the tissues.

“I want to eat you both out. Would that be okay with you?” The girls nodded happily.

They went back to the parlor. The teens sat on the couch. The teacher knelt in front of them. She did each one of them in turn and had them screaming. After a cool down, Miss Adams took them into the shower and they washed each other carefully and gently, becoming more familiar and more intimate with each other.

Gail asked the teacher, “Miss Adams, what’s your first name?”


“Aw come on, Miss Adams, What’s your first name?”

“Why do you want to know? Do you think you’re going to call me by my first name?”

“Well, I do have my finger up your asshole. That seems like a first name sort of thing to me.”

Miss Adams laughed, “You’re right. Not in school, though. My name is Carol.”

Both teens repeated it, “Carol.” They all moved to face each other. Carol kissed first one then the other fully on the lips, sort of sealing the pact of first name usage.

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