Thursday, November 26, 2015

Miss Adams 6 - Andrew in private

Then she turned her thoughts to the next day. Andrew was coming over Saturday evening. She wondered if she should play a role such as dominatrix or sexy nurse or policewoman. She decided not to try too much this first time. Keep it simple and see how it goes.

Miss Adams did dress sexily. She wore skin tight jeans tucked into tight black leather knee high boots with high heels. She had on a plain white sleeveless blouse tied underneath her breasts pushing them up and leaving her midriff bare. It all showed her full, curvy figure to good advantage.

She put four instruments out on the table in the parlor. She chose a small but solid paddle for over the knee, a larger paddle for the bending over position, a strong cane, and a good strap with a wooden handle. She was not sure that she would use them all. She also made sure that there were condoms in the drawer of the table. She did not want him to make a mess anywhere. She did expect him to come, but only from manual stimulation, either by himself or by her.

Andrew was a few minutes early, but Miss Adams was ready for him. “Hello, Andrew.”

The boy’s mouth fell open and his eyes widened when he saw the teacher. He was used to her wearing loose skirts and dresses. He didn’t know she had such a voluptuous shape. “H-hi, Miss Adams, h-how are you tonight?”

Miss Adams smiled at his momentary fluster, “Fine, Andrew, how are you?”

“Fine, thank you.”

She invited him in but only stepped a little out of the way so he had to squeeze by her. He blushed and she smiled warmly at him. She closed the door and stepped out down the hallway, “Follow me to the parlor, Andrew.” She knew with her high heels and tight jeans that she was putting on a rolling, bouncing bum show for the teen. She wished she could see his face, so at the door to the parlor, she turned around quickly and did catch him watching. He looked up quickly, but knew he’d been caught and looked a little abashed. Miss Adams smiled warmly at him and then looked pointedly down at the front of his jeans. There was a bulge and she let her eyes rest on it long enough to make Andrew a little nervous. Then she smiled warmly at him again, turned and led him over to the couch. She sat down and patted the couch beside herself, “Sit here, Andrew. Let’s talk for a few minutes.”

The boy sat on the couch near the teacher, but not in contact with her, so she moved over to make contact between their thighs. She put her hand on his knee. “Let me tell you what I have in mind and we’ll see how that works for you. First, I’ll take you over my knee and use my hand to spank you a bit for a warm up. Your jeans are thick so that won’t have much effect except to just get us started. Then, your jeans will come down and I’ll continue to spank you over your shorts. To finish the warm up, I’ll use a small paddle on you. Is that okay so far.”

“Yes, ma’am.” She liked the way he was being polite. It seemed natural to him. He must have been brought up that way.

“We’ll have what is called a safe word. Do you know what that is?”

“Uh, no, ma’am.”

“It’s just a common everyday memorable word that you will use if you want me to quit what I’m doing. If you say it, I stop right away and then we can discuss what the problem is. So you are actually in control when we get to the spanking. You can stop it any time. Don’t use the safe word too easily or it will lose its effectiveness. Do you understand that?”

“Yes, if I say the safe word, you stop and we discuss it. What will the safe word be?”

“Anything that is easy to say and remember. Do you have a suggestion?”

“Not really.”

“Let’s use apple as the safe word. It’s easy to say and remember. Okay?”

“Yes, ma’am, apple.”

“Now there are other ways to communicate. If you put your hand back to cover you butt, I’ll know to pause and maybe to slow down or ease up. Later, when you are bending over, if you stand up and cover your butt, same thing. But if you say stop or no more or please, or anything like that, I’ll ignore it. Some people have that as part of their scene. They cry and say stop and beg, etc, but they really want it to continue. That’s why the safe word is just an ordinary word. Do you understand that?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Then I’ll give you some corner time, which means you’ll go stand in the corner, but since I don’t have a corner free, you’ll just stand facing the wall. You can think about what just happened and what is going to happen.” He nodded. “ After your corner time, I’ll use a bigger instrument on you. I have larger paddle, a strap and a cane ready. Do you have a preference? Or maybe we’ll try all three?”

“Hmm, I guess try all three.” Andrew replied. He didn’t have any experience with a cane or a strap.
“Okay. We can do that. Now, I have condoms for you, because I want to avoid a mess. When do you think you’ll need one?”

Andrew was a little taken aback by this bold statement showing that Miss Adams expected him to ejaculate at some point. “I don’t know, Miss Adams.”

“Well, you let me know. Do you think you might come while over my lap? Or do you think you’ll need manual stimulation to actually come?”

Andrew was a bit embarrassed by this frank talk from her, but he wanted to sound as casual as Miss Adams, and he did not want to make a mess. He thought he should play it safe. “I’m not sure, Miss Adams. This is sort of new to me. To be safe, maybe I should put one on now.”

“Good idea. They are in the drawer of the table. Go and put one on, and bring back the small paddle when you come. She waited and watched while he faced away from her and put a condom on himself.
When Andrew returned, Miss Adams took the paddle from him and motioned for him to get across her lap. She rested her hand on the seat of his pants. “These jeans are not going to stay on very long at all. Much too thick.” She raised her hand high and brought it down as hard as she could. She felt his butt give and spread with the impact. She swung again on the other cheek. A few more and she could tell they were having very little effect. She hit him on the thighs a couple times and he did move a bit. Maybe that hurt a little or he just did not expect it. “Time for your jeans to come down. Stand up.”

The teen climbed off her lap and she maneuvered him so he was right in front of her. She undid his belt and pulled his zipper down. Then she tugged his jeans down. She had felt a bulge when she pulled the zipper and now she saw it right in front of her face. She looked at it a moment, then up at him and smiled gently. He flushed and tried to return the smile.

She took him back over her knees and liked this view much better. Just his white briefs with a bit of bum peeking out at the bottom. Miss Adams pulled the legs of his briefs down and smoothed them out, enjoying the feel of his soft pliable rear end. She used her hand and gave him a swat as hard as she could. She saw the bounce and jiggle and the sound was nicer to hear too. She gave him several before he showed much reaction. Then it was just a little squirming and some grunting. She could feel his butt was getting very warm. It was time to move on to the paddle. She swung as hard as she could and he certainly felt it. “Oww.” She was glad to hear that, and kept up the pace. Andrew started squirming a lot now and his grunts and groans were getting louder.

Miss Adams paused only long enough to jerk his underpants down, and was now hitting bare flesh. The sound was real and Andrew could feel the difference. He even put his hand back to cover himself.  She paused until he moved it out of the way. Then went back at it. His bottom was starting to get really red now. She decided four more and told him, “Four more, Andrew.” She made them as hard as she could, and the boy certainly felt them. He let out a couple stifled yells and was squirming a lot. Then she put the paddle down and felt his bare ass. It was pretty hot now. She wanted to spread his cheeks a take a look at his asshole, but decided to wait a bit for that. “Up, Andrew, Corner time.”

Andrew got to his feet and Miss Adams could see right in front of her face how his cock was stiff and was holding his briefs up in front. She pointed to a spot of the wall that was clear and he went toward it. She admired her handiwork as it bounced and rolled across the room.

The teacher waited several minutes and then, “Andrew, I want you to remove your clothing. Fold it and put it on the table beside you.” He did as he was told. He remained facing the wall and removed his clothing and put it on the table. “Put your hands behind your head and interlock your fingers.” The boy obeyed. Miss Adams walked over to Andrew and stood right behind him. She pressed herself against him and leaned in to whisper in his ear. “Andrew, do you have a hard on?”

Andrew cleared his throat, “Yes, ma’am, I do.”

“You do what, Andrew?”

“I have a hard on, Miss Adams.”

She stepped back and took a hard swing at his ass with her hand. His hips jerked forward. The teacher stepped in again and whispered to him, “Andrew, how dare you tell a teacher that you have a hard on.” The boy didn’t know what to do. Miss Adams patted and pinched at his ass as she talked to him. He was a bit uncomfortable with this. She enjoyed his discomfort. She pushed her hand in between his cheeks and rubbed his asshole and poked at it with a finger. “Your asshole feels really tight, Andrew. Are you a tight ass?” He kept quiet. “I love tight assholes, Andrew. Do you know why?” Andrew shook his head. “Because they are so fun to fuck. Have you ever been fucked in the asshole, Andrew?”

 He shook his head again, quickly and strongly. “I want to fuck you in the ass, Andrew. Will you let me fuck you in the ass?” She could see that his face was crinkling in confusion and frustration. He didn’t want to say yes or no. “She let him off the hook, “That’s okay, Andrew, you don’t have to answer now. You can think about it. I think you will reach the correct decision and will be asking me, no you will be begging me to fuck you in the ass.” She paused, then, “Do you still have a hard on, Andrew?”

“Yes, Miss Adams, I still have a hard on.” She smacked his ass again.

“Oh, Andrew, how you do talk to your teacher. Do you want to beat off, Andrew?”

The boy went for it, honesty, “Yes, Miss Adams, I want to beat off.”

Miss Adams took off her blouse and bra. She pressed her breasts into his back and moved from side to side, her nipples tracing lines on his skin. “Do you feel my nipples on your back, Andrew? Do they feel good?”

“Yes, Miss Adams.”

“If I let you beat off, Andrew, I will have to extract a payment from you. The payment I demand is that you take a dozen swats with the paddle, a dozen lashes with the strap, and a dozen strokes with the cane. Do you think that you can take all that, Andrew?”

Again, the boy was honest, “No, Miss Adams, I don’t think that I can.”

“I like your honesty, Andrew. How about this? Half those numbers and I put a butt plug up your ass? Aannnddd I make you come a second time and maybe a third? How about that, Andrew?”

He nodded.

“I think that I am on the short end of this bargain. I think that you should make me come, Andrew. Do you know how to eat pussy?”

He took too long to answer. He did not know how?

“I will teach you, Andrew. I will make you the best pussy eater in town. Would you like that?”

“Yes, Miss Adams.”

She had enough toying with him. She stepped to his side, reached for his cock and began to massage it. “Look at me, Andrew.” She looked him directly in the eye, smiling as she continued to beat him off. She could see the shock in his eyes as he knew he was coming and could not hold back. He jerked several times; she milked him to the last drop. She let him go, “Good man, Andrew. Now go across the hall and clean up. Do not flush the rubber. Put it in a plastic bag and in the trash can.”

Andrew walked back into the parlor more confidently then he was earlier. Perhaps Miss Adams giving him a hand job and baring her breasts had something to do with it. He was naked and his penis was hanging down, but he stood straight and kept his hands at his size. The teacher looked at his penis and then up at his face. He did not flush this time and his eyes met hers. He may have looked too confident for his own good. Miss Adams decided he needed to be brought down a little. The butt plug may help with that.

“Over here, Andrew, get down on your knees.” He did as she said. “I hope you did not forget about the butt plug.” The look on his face said that he had. He blanched and sagged. Miss Adams had taken him down with one sentence. She smiled. “Lean forward, Andrew, put your head on the floor. I want your butt up high by itself. Spread your knees. That’s it.” She stooped down behind him and looked at his asshole. It was small and puckered. She would change that pretty quickly. “Don’t go anywhere, I’ll be right back.” She left the room and went upstairs to where she kept her toys. She didn’t want to harm him or scare him too much, so she picked a smallish plug. It would go in without too much trouble and would stay in as the neck was slender.

Miss Adams entered the parlor and knelt down behind the teen. “Open wide,” she kidded him. She put lubrication on his anus and used her finger to spread it and to push it in. Andrew grunted, but she ignored him. She positioned the plug and gently exerted pressure. Andrew gasped and grunted. “Relax, Andrew.” He didn’t but she kept pushing and finally it popped into place. The boy groaned loudly and then seemed to relax. She stood and leaned down to his head, “Now for the cane and strap.”

The teacher picked up the strap first. She straddled Andrew’s back and swung from above. First one cheek, then the other. “That’s one,” she said after the first two strokes. “I’m only counting when I do both cheeks.” The boy did not complain. She kept it up, hitting him hard, but he kept quiet and still. She was a little disappointed, but told herself that the cane would stir him up. “Now the cane, young fellow. Stand up and bend over the back of this chair.” She had place a regular straight back chair in the middle of the room. She saw that his cock was hard and standing up again. This boy was certainly turned on by pain. He made no attempt to hide it, but rather seemed to be showing it proudly.

When he was in place over the back of the chair, Miss Adams checked his butt plug to make sure that it was firmly in place. “Six of the best is what they say in England when they cane a student. That’s what you will be getting, Andrew, six of my best. Don’t forget about the safe word, but I do hope not to hear it.” She took her place on his left side, put the cane against his rump to measure the distance, slowly brought it back and then swung with all her force. The cane ripped through the air and met with the boy’s bottom violently, denting the flesh in making it ripple away from the impact and then bounce back. It left an immediate red mark which would raise into a welt in moments.

Andrew jerked his lower body in, but kept a hold on the chair and did not rise. He did cry out, “Aieeee.” The teacher waited just a very short while and delivered the next one. Same reaction and another bright red stripe appeared across this ass. She moved to his other side for the next two. She liked to keep things even. She could swing just has hard from either side. On the third stroke, Andrew gasped and sobbed loudly, just once and he reached back for a brief moment instinctively. Then he returned to his position.

The fourth stripe across his bottom brought a couple sobs from the boy. She stayed on that side for the fifth and moved to his left again for the final one. He stood up when each of them hit, he grabbed his hot burning bum and let some soft sobs escape from his mouth.

Miss Adams waited a moment after the last one before she took Andrew in her arms and hugged him close to her. Her hard nipples poked his chest and his hard cock dented her belly. After he had settled down, the teacher moved to his right and took hold of his cock and slowly beat him off again. She pulled his face over to hers and kissed him on the lips, gently at first and then more forcefully. Her tits were pressed into his side and part of his chest and her hand continued to work on his cock. He came again, jerking and gasping. After she milked him, she told him, “Go across the hall again and clean up, Andrew. Leave the plug in your ass.”

While he was gone, Miss Adams took off her boots and removed her jeans. She debated whether to leave her panties on, but decided to take them off. She was on the sofa, her feet on the floor spread wide and her crotch was forward to the edge of the seat. This is how Andrew found her when he returned. He didn’t need to be told where to place him self. He knelt between her legs and waited for instructions. The teacher taught. She reached down and spread her lips, showing Andrew in close detail how women were made. She told him each places function and what a man should do for a woman. He paid close attention and was shy about it for just a brief time. Then he showed how quick a learner he was and did a very good job on her. She was bucking and screaming with his ministrations and she came strongly. Andrew didn’t want or know to quit, so she had to push him away. She grabbed his face and pulled him to her and kissed him sloppily, tasting her own juices on his mouth.

“Lay across my lap again, Andrew.” He did as she said. She fiddled with the butt plug a bit. “How does this feel, Andrew?”

“Okay, now.”

“Did it hurt when I put it in?”

“Yes, a little.”

“You’ll get used to it. You’ll also get used to me fucking you in the ass. It’s something that I really like to do. I hope you’ll want me to do it to you.”

“Okay, Miss Adams.”

“Good, now, I’m going to take this out.” And she did, pulling slowing, letting it go back. Then she pulled it farther, and let it go back, and then pulled it all the way out. It came out clean, except for the lube on it. She wrapped it in a tissue, and used another tissue to wipe Andrew.

“Did you like it tonight, Andrew?”

“Yes, I did, Miss Adams.”

“What did you like best?” She still had him over her lap and was casually tracing the marks on his ass.

“It’s hard to say.”

“What would you want to repeat another time?” Now she leaned forward and kissed his ass and ran her tongue along the cane welts.

“Aside from the sex?”

She gave him a playful swat. “Yes, aside from the sex.”

“I guess all of it, one way or another. Maybe in different positions, or under different circumstances.”
“Well, get up, Andrew, it’s time for you to go.” He got off her lap and stood there. “Get dressed, honey.” He went over to the table where his clothing was and started putting it on. Miss Adams headed the other direction to a closet where she got a red satin robe that she put on. Andrew had watched her walk away and sighed over her fantastic ass and the way it moved. He hoped he might have more to do with it another time. She beckoned him to meet her on the way to the door. She took his hand and pulled him close. She kissed him warmly on the lips and held him for a moment. Then she saw him to the door and let him on his way.

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