Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Joel and Marie

Joel was sitting in Marie's office waiting for her.  He knew he was in trouble (he often was) and he knew that his long friendship with his boss Marie would not count for much when it came to his getting punished.

In fact, their long relationship left her free to be very severe with him and not cause any lasting problems.  She stormed into her office, "You really fucked up this time, ass hole."  She swept around behind her desk and leaned on it looking down on Joel as he sat in front of it.

He just looked back at her, knowing better than to play dumb and ask what he'd done.  She was only a year older than him, but had more drive and ambition and strength of character.  She had built her company into a solid business enterprise mostly on her own.

Joel had always followed Marie, since the first day they met on their aunt's (his) and uncle's (hers) farm.  He'd realized right away that his life would be forever changed by her.  She came on strong and tough and the younger teen fell into step, did her bidding and accepted her abuse and punishment.

It was still that way years later.  "You are going to get it, shit for brains, and get it good.  I'm through warning you."  Marie went to the closet in the corner of her office.  She opened the door and took down something that was hanging on the back of it.

When she stepped away from the door, Joel saw that it was a cane in her hand, not the kind that the infirm used, but the kind that school masters used on recalcitrant students.

Marie slashed it trough the air several times.  "This is going to hurt."  She liked to tell him that; make sure that he knew it.  She looked at him openly, inviting comment or complaint.

Friday, June 03, 2016

Boarding House Rules

from Boys Boarding School
Mrs. Henley showed me the room and the house in general.  "Rent is due every week on Saturdays; don't be late.  I run a strict house.  Obey the rules and we'll get along fine."

I paid her for the rest of the week and put my bag down in my room.  She left me, "Supper is at six.  Don't be late."  I got undressed and went across the hall to the bathroom.  I wanted to shower badly.  The bus was not very clean and some of the people on it less so.  I wanted to get that experience off me.  I closed the door to the bathroom and found that it did not latch; it just swung open a couple inches and stayed there.

She had said that privacy was not a priority.  I would share the bathroom with the other boarders, one man and two women.  There were two toilets, two sinks, one bath tub and a shower stall.  I wondered if I would be sharing with just the other man or with the women as well.  This thought proved a bit exciting and while washing my penis, I got rather enthusiastic.  Okay, I was beating off.

The noise of the shower must have hidden her footsteps or she was just very quiet.  I'd had my eyes closed in fantasy, but just felt another presence.  I opened my eyes and there she was, Mrs. Henley, looking at me with her hands on her hips and her foot tapping.  Oh, shit.  I heart jumped into my throat and I stopped what I was doing and was so embarrassed.  "That is against the rules, Mr. Davis.  You must ask permission to masturbate in the shower.  I'm going to have to spank you."

I wasn't sure that I heard her correctly, I had to ask permission to masturbate in the shower?  I was about to question her statement, but she spoke again.  "Hand me the brush, please."  She pointed to the long handled wooden back brush.  Dumbly, I just obeyed and handed it to her.  She took it from me after opening the center sliding door.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Miss Adams 9 - Will 2

Miss Adams decided on a change of fashion.  She went up to her room and removed her skirt and blouse and put on a white apron with black trim.  This she thought might be appropriate for having Will over her lap while she lubed his ass and inserted the plug.  And it left her back open so she could show off her chubby bum clad in the cute black panties.
Will was still on the couch where she left him, or he had returned to it when he heard her.  He had probably stood up to rub his bum for a while.  She saw that his penis had gone down.  That would not last long.  She walked past him to the closet in the back corner of the room.  He had to be watching her nearly exposed rump bounce and jiggle.  She got the butt plug, some gloves, some lube and some tissue.

When she got back to the couch, she saw that his erection was growing again.  She sat down, "Get over my lap, Will."  He did.  She put the gloves on and spread his cheeks to check out is asshole.  It looked okay, nothing special.  Miss Adams took the tube of lubrication, unscrewed the top and squeezed some onto his anus.  She spread it around with her finger.  He stiffened a little.  This was probably something new to him.

Will gasped when the teacher pushed a finger into him.  He gasped again as she forced it further and then swiveled it around.  "How are you doing, Will?  Are you okay with this?"

"Yes, ma'am."  He sounded more confident than the expression on his face indicated.

Getting the plug in was another matter.  He unconsciously resisted and the teacher had to really push.  "Try to relax, Will.  Don't tense up."  Finally she got it in as he yelped when it stretched his inner sphincter.  He was breathing hard.  "You okay, Will?"

"Uh, yes.  Yes, ma'am."

Miss Adams left him across her lap.  She played with his bottom and kept pushing the plug in as it started working it's way out.  "Will, I don't think this is going to stay in and I don't feel like playing with it.  I'm going to take it out and we'll proceed with out it.  I want you to take it with you and practice putting it in and keeping it in.  Will you do that for me?"

"Yes, ma'am.  Sorry."

"Oh, don't be sorry.  No need."  She pulled it out and wiped it off with the tissue and wiped his asshole, too.  "Get up."

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Miss Adams 8 - Will 1

Her next targeted recruit was Will and he reported for detention the middle of the next week. Will was a quiet boy, easy going, kept to himself and seemed to be bright. Miss Adams thought that he would catch on quickly, so she decided not to beat around the bush with him. When they went back to the office, she closed the door and said to him, "Let's make this more interesting.  I think you should lower your trousers.  He glanced at her, nodded and lowered his trousers. Then he took his position and bent over.

Miss Adams looked at his bottom which was clad in regular white briefs. It was narrow but round and had a bounce when he moved.  She stepped up to him, patted his ass, then grabbed the bottoms of his briefs and pulled them up over his butt and into the crack. She used her hand to give him a couple smacks on his now bare bum. She liked the way it flattened on impact and bounced sprang back into place. Will didn’t show any reaction.

The teacher picked up the paddle, took her position and laid the paddle against his rear to measure the distance. She told him that it would be four stokes and that she wanted him to count them. She pulled the paddle back and swung it forward hard. It smashed into his flesh with a loud crack. His ass gave in and then sprang back with a wobble. He said in a clear voice, “One.” Miss Adams smiled at the way he was cooperating. It was what she expected. Again, the paddle smashed into his flesh. “Two” The third stroke caused him to gasp before uttering, “Three” The fourth brought him a few inches up from his position and he said “Four” through clenched teeth. Miss Adams told him that he could stand up. He stood rubbing is bottom and Miss Adams noticed a bulge in the front of his briefs. She took her time before telling him to pull up his trousers. She liked watching him rub his ass.

She asked Will, "Do you get detention so I will paddle you?"

Will looked at her sharply and blushed, more than anything else had made him do.  He avoided her eyes, but nodded assent.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Miss Adams 7 - Patty and Gail in private

Sunday afternoon, and Patty and Gail were due. Miss Adams considered what she would do with the two of them. She thought that she should have them get undressed first. They seemed comfortable that way with her. What should she wear? She didn’t’ want to be too dressed if they were naked, but she wanted to wear something. She decided to wear a black satin chemise and satin shorts with a sheer bra. Black open toed high heels would finish the look she wanted. She wanted to keep the instruments light looking. She chose a hairbrush, a ping pong paddle, a bath brush, a light strap, a clear lexan paddle, and a thinnish cane. Some of them were definite pain inflictors but they did look light and would not scare any one.

If one was the stronger personality or leader of the two it was Gail, but they seemed to always confer, even silently with looks before they made a decision. Both seemed fun loving and thrill seeking and not very modest or inhibited. Miss Adams was looking forward to this afternoon.

The girls arrived together, of course. They were excited and happy. When they saw Miss Adams and how she was dressed, their eyes went wide and their jaws fell open. “Wow, Miss Adams.” “Gee, Miss Adams.” “You’re beautiful.” “So sexy.”

Miss Adams smiled broadly at their compliments. “Come on in, girls. So nice to see you.”

“Nice to see you, too, Miss Adams.”

The teacher led them back to the parlor. They looked at the house on the way and commented on various things and did the same in the parlor, “Beautiful house, Miss Adams.”

“Thank you, I’m trying to bring it back to the original look.”

Miss Adams sat on the couch. “Kneel down in front of me.” Patty and Gail looked at her without moving. “NOW, please.” At the loud word, they reacted and both fell to their knees in front of her. She smiled at them, “Thank you. Now what should we do today?”

Gail spoke up, “You’re going to paddle us, right?”

“Yes dear, but we have a lot of time. We have complete privacy. I thought we would do more that just a paddling.”

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Miss Adams 6 - Andrew in private

Then she turned her thoughts to the next day. Andrew was coming over Saturday evening. She wondered if she should play a role such as dominatrix or sexy nurse or policewoman. She decided not to try too much this first time. Keep it simple and see how it goes.

Miss Adams did dress sexily. She wore skin tight jeans tucked into tight black leather knee high boots with high heels. She had on a plain white sleeveless blouse tied underneath her breasts pushing them up and leaving her midriff bare. It all showed her full, curvy figure to good advantage.

She put four instruments out on the table in the parlor. She chose a small but solid paddle for over the knee, a larger paddle for the bending over position, a strong cane, and a good strap with a wooden handle. She was not sure that she would use them all. She also made sure that there were condoms in the drawer of the table. She did not want him to make a mess anywhere. She did expect him to come, but only from manual stimulation, either by himself or by her.

Andrew was a few minutes early, but Miss Adams was ready for him. “Hello, Andrew.”

The boy’s mouth fell open and his eyes widened when he saw the teacher. He was used to her wearing loose skirts and dresses. He didn’t know she had such a voluptuous shape. “H-hi, Miss Adams, h-how are you tonight?”

Miss Adams smiled at his momentary fluster, “Fine, Andrew, how are you?”

“Fine, thank you.”

She invited him in but only stepped a little out of the way so he had to squeeze by her. He blushed and she smiled warmly at him. She closed the door and stepped out down the hallway, “Follow me to the parlor, Andrew.” She knew with her high heels and tight jeans that she was putting on a rolling, bouncing bum show for the teen. She wished she could see his face, so at the door to the parlor, she turned around quickly and did catch him watching. He looked up quickly, but knew he’d been caught and looked a little abashed. Miss Adams smiled warmly at him and then looked pointedly down at the front of his jeans. There was a bulge and she let her eyes rest on it long enough to make Andrew a little nervous. Then she smiled warmly at him again, turned and led him over to the couch. She sat down and patted the couch beside herself, “Sit here, Andrew. Let’s talk for a few minutes.”